Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cloth Diaper: Day 1

If I had to do it over again, I'd start with the cloth diaper since day 1. After disposables, it's easy to be "scared" to start with the cloth diapers even though I've been researching and preparing the diapers so they can be used.

Anyway, day 11, I started putting C's very first cloth diaper. I used Sposoeasy AIO (size XS). If fit wonderful. Worn for 2.5 hours, only peed in, no leaks, even though the diaper and doubler were wet. Second ever cloth diaper was a Star Baby newborn fitted (with no cover!). Again, fit was great, worn for 4 hours, only peed in, no leaks, diaper not even wet, just the doubler.

Now almost night-time, back to disposable for the night. Still wondering if in my sleepy, bleary-eyed state, I would be able to manage fitted + cover... I guess we'll see...

Hmm.. only 2 dirty diapers, I guess I won't be washing anytime soon, hope they don't start to smell until I have enough diapers to wash

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